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Hello readers, and welcome to my world. Please let me share some of my fevered dreams with you. I am always working hard to be putting out plenty of good and exciting stuff for my many erotica readers. I hope that you will like what I am doing for you.

Whatever the thrill is, even if we aren't doing it somebody else is. From the romantic mystery's and all the way to the action and adventure and suspense BDSM pulp fiction sexual shoot outs, Blake Jordan is going to give the readers plenty of private and public sexual heat. Have a good look at my many erotica offerings, Things can get plenty serious when they get down and dirty in those most heated moments.

You will find dramas and thrillers and hot wife and husband suspense, and detectives and undercover stories, bank robbers and crime and punishment thrillers, all the way to westerns and historical dramas. If you can imagine it, we are all the voyeurs' and the exhibitionists. I want to try to give it to you hot and heavy, just the way that it can really be for any of us. Open up a Blake Jordan drama and prepare to get some serious erotic rides.

As a serious erotica writer, all of my sexy books are being created for your reading pleasures, Let me know what you think. PLEASE LEAVE ME YOUR BOOK REVIEWS. I want to keep that good stuff coming for you, hot off the presses, and right where we all live with each other,

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